Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's going to be a long nine months

I asked to my darling son "What kind of baby are we going to have.." expecting him to say boy or girl.

His response "A NINJA BABY mahmah!!!"

Then as if I weren't a total glutton for punishment I responded "Uummm....ok, what should we name our new baby..."
(insert me making a squichy nervous face)
His response "HOPPER!!"'

Where do I go with that?? He's definitely going to be my comedic relief this pregnancy. I love kids. I hope we have more, it's what life is all about!!


momtoablessing said...

congrats on the ninja baba hehe

audranna wanted to call her sister blue for blues clues

Melissa said...

lol, kids are so phunny.

My middle son, who was 3 at the time, wanted to name his new little brother Big Bird.
(Whew, that was a loong time ago)

Shannon said...

Well yeah! Who WOULDN'T want a ninja baby?! :)

Cindi S World said...

Too cute! This is gonna be so fun!

Lucky's Luna said...

How cute! Babies do kind of look like ninjas when they are all bundled up! Hopper isn't such a bad name idea, I actually knew a friend who's parents let her year old brother name her, fortunately he picked Joanne after a girl he had a crush on.