Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's working

Homeschool that is.
I was so terrified I was going to be a horrible teacher and mentor to my kids for 1st grade and pre-K education, but I'm not.
They are learning and thriving. It's beautiful to watch. They are getting along better, (and I thought they were buddies before...) and growing in patience because they are starting to grasp that mom needs to switch mindsets from a Pre-K mindset to a 1st grade one.
It's truly a miracle from God. Fridays tend to be my hard days and God knew I was struggling so he sent me a miracle.
As I was repeating the letters out loud in my son's name and writing them on a worksheet he was going to start, he was WRITING them simultaneously on his Phonics worksheet.
WRITING HIS OWN NAME, in legible letters.
That anyone can read.
Then cute as pie he looks at me and says "Mahmah I write dis fur you.."
I literally had to FIGHT back tears in front of him. I praised his work and excused myself to go cry my happy tears in the bathroom. Alone.
It's working, and I am doing it. I didn't think I could-but I am. And they are learning.
Imagine a peacock strutting their stuff around, yeah, that's what I've kinda looked like all weekend, praise God from who all blessings flow!!


Down Roads Less Traveled said...

I'm so happy for you. I think about 85 percent of successful homeschooling is a confident mother (or father as some cases may be). You all will do great!~GA Peach

Kristin said...

Isn't it amazing?! You'll encounter sooooo many of these "God moments" as you keep going. Granted, some days are hard (HARD, I say!)'s so worth it to actually SEE them grasp a new concept and know that you helped make it happen. You're doing great - keep it up! :)

Karla said...

That's so sweet! Congrats.

I'm following you back. Thanks for following my blog (City Girl Bought the Farm).


Jenny @ Freebie Spot said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Following you back from This for That :)

Jenny, Freebie Spot

Jinnia Low said...

What a beautiful thing to experience! How sweet what God did to encourage your homeschooling efforts :) Now following you via Networked Blogs from This for That. Have a blessed night!


Jinnia Low said...

Hi Lacy, it's me again, your newest follower on GFC! ~Jinnia