Sunday, September 12, 2010

CVS Shop for the week of 9/12-9/18

My shop this week was pretty cut and dry, I wanted to do some ECB Rollover so I just went for the items that generated ECB's that we would use.  When I walked in, right in front of the store there was some 90% summer clearance so I grabbed some stuff that I thought the kids would use.  I had no coupons for this shop, there was one for the Nivea Body Wash but I forgot about it until I was in the store so oh well.  Can't win em all.

Transaction #1:
Bubble Bonanza-- .49 cents
Nivea Body Wash-- $4.99 
Bubbles-- .25 cents
Gross Candy Corn for Jet Pilot-- .99 cents 
Energy Chews-- $1.99 

Coupons I used:
None (so sad to type
$6 ECB's
Subtotal: $2.71
Tax: .54
Total OOP: $3.25 on my money card so really nothing Out on My Pocket

FYI, I tried the energy things this afternoon as a way to spark my Sunday lull in motivation and while I think it worked and I was like a maid on crack for about 8 tasted like dirt mixed with grapes...but I may try them again.  Also the energy chews are limit 2 not one like the ad says.  And the Nivea deal is spend $15 get $5 ECB too.  Good to know...maybe some good coupons will be come out to make it a better deal. 

P.S. I think the "Energy" type of Nivea Body Wash is not included in the deal since initially my $4.99 ECB did not print and I had to take the cashier to the see the signage in the aisle and she manually printed them for me.  So watch the type of Body Wash if you go in to do this deal. 



Cindi S World said...

Ok, this answered my question about had you gotten your deal together yet, lol.

ksmama08 said...

That is funny because at my CVS they only had the $4.99 - $4.99 ECB deal on the energy soap. I as well didn't have a coupon because I have so much in the cabinet right now I stopped cutting the coupons for those. But I couldn't pass it up being free. I also got the candy corn, and energy chews although I haven't tried them yet. Our store didn't have any good summer deals though.