Friday, September 10, 2010

CVS Shop for the week of 9/5-9/11 Take 2

I know I posted about CVS for this week (you can read about that here) BUT I
had some time sans kids and husband so I decided to peruse CVS for deals, still no Schick razor coupons but oh well.  I need more razors like I need a third eye.  It was a random shop and I decided not to spend any ECB's just less than $1.00 in change out of pocket.  Well my plan worked, sort of. I got another $3/10 Grocery Purchase and I knew again I was going to apply it to my Sobe deal so I had $3 in overage to work with. After it was all said and done I spent less than a dollar but I had to do a return and get the difference put on a money card.  But it spends all the same so meh.

Transaction #1:
8 Sobe Lifewater-- $1.59 each
4 Dawn Hand Renewal --.77 cents each (I am soo loving that these are on sale, I wish I had more Dawn q's from the Home Made Simple Booklet but I KNOW I am just being greedy..this is just my favorite dish soap.)
1 Crest Toothpaste (on clearance)-- $1.22
4 Oral B Toothbrushes (on clearance)-- .94 cents each
8 Clean and Clear Face Wash-- .99 cents each

Coupons I used:
$3/10 Grocery Purchase CRT from Magic Coupon Machine
4 B1G1 Sobe Lifewater IP from here
3 .25/1 Dawn Dish Soap from HMS Booklet
1 .75/1 Crest Toothpaste from 8/29 P&G
4 .75/1 Oral B Toothbrush from 8/29 P&G
8 $1/1 Clean and Clear from ?? inserts (I won these coupons online so I am not sure what inserts these are from but you could check here if you are super curious..)

Now here is where it gets muddy, originally when I paid my OOP was $5.59, which I knew was wrong but I figured I would get my receipt, look it over and if I needed a credit or return I would get back in line.  The discrepancy was that my toothpaste rung up as $4.89 instead of $1.22 ($4.89 are they crazy?? Who pays that much for people I  So the girl refunded me $5.23 on a CVS Money Card and I re-bought the toothpaste at the correct price minus the q.  My total on that was .56 cents.  And I have $4.67 left on the card, this is how I figured my total was less than $1.00 OOP.  $5.59-$4.67= .92 cents!!

I know its not the most clear shop to post but I think its important that people see and know that all shops definitely get sketchy and when someone posts that all their shops rocked and were cake, that's just not realistic every single time you are in the store.  I don't CVS Shop hardcore like some of the people I follow online, I don't buy every single thing that generates ECB's each week, mainly because well, about half of it is junk.  In my opinion.  I think its great that some people rock the sales and have $89454 in ECB's each week but I am not one of those shoppers.  I like to go to CVS and challenge myself to spend mere change and get functional stuff we will use in our household.  Dish soap, body wash, shampoo, etc...that's why I CVS.   Food deals I usually pass on as well, because I can usually score better deals at the commissary, its different for everyone.  I used to buy everything at CVS that generated ECB's when I first started coupon-ing but then I realized I was not going to use half of this stuff so I stopped.

I think its important for all coupon-ers to find their niche with stores, some buy all, some buy very little, I like to think I am somewhere in the middle.  I work CVS deals at my comfort level, and that's a different place for everyone.  It took me months of working CVS to finally feel comfortable with shopping there.  Now its my favorite place to shop, so go figure.

I know this is random blog/coupon fodder but I just wanted to throw my .02 into the melting pot of coupon talk.  Hope I didn't bore you, and if I did just act like I didn't so you don't hurt my feelings... ;)



lisad33611 said...

What a great post! You rocked the deals getting all that for under a buck! I about fell out of my chair laughing at your line, "$89454 in ECB's each week".
I too used to get all the ECB deals every week. To be honest I've stockpiled so much I doubt I'll have to go into CVS or Walgreens for the next 2 years. (I was excited when I started couponing.)
Great job!

Melissa said...

It was a lovely post, and I agree with everything you said.