Saturday, February 5, 2011


Clyde is growing.
How can I tell??

Because he wants to nap--ALOT. And at random times/places in our new house.

I have been hitting that 3rd trimester happy nappy time so after school and tidying the house the other day I laid down on the couch to doze while the kids were playing ever so sweetly in their rooms. I woke up after an indiscriminate amount of time later to this...

Yes, he is actually sleeping on TOP of me. A little sleeping heater.
Because that's super comfortable for a pregnant lady.

And this...

He is sleeping on the couch sitting up, he WAS laying down but when Bonnie busted through the door from playing outside I guess she startled him.
Or something like that.

When gravity started to take it's toll he was like a kamikaze airplane--he just crashed into the couch.

Face first.

Insert me giggling hysterically while watching this.
I was too slow to capture all this on video with my phone but it was super cute. Maybe next time I will be quicker.

In the meantime, he continues to grow...and grow. By the time his dad gets home I am sure he will look bigger, skinnier, more like his dad, etc. And it makes me a little bit sad, I don't want him to grow more. He is in that cute I am a little man but still kind of a toddler phase. Pretty soon the toddler phase will drop off completely from his description...and it makes me a little choked up.
Good thing I am growing another little boy from scratch as I write.

Because I love little boys. Especially when they look as handsome as their Jet Pilot daddy.

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Cindi S World said...

Awww, that is beyond cute!