Friday, February 4, 2011

Clyde and his sniffer

So my son is funny, like really funny.
Each kid has things that set them off..things they like, they hate or whatever.

Clyde's thing is smells. He is a TOTAL sniffer. Of. Everything.

His absolute favorite phrase is "What's dat smell?"

He likes good smells-brownies, homemade laundry soap, and man cologne. He doesn't like bad smells--at all.
His favorite worst smell is feet. He is extremely vocal about not so fresh feet, particularly mine.
Yes I have foot odor issues especially at the end of a day wearing tennis shoes and running errands. What can I say-it's the way I was made. And pregnancy hormones don't help foot smell issues either. In my defense.

Lately he has taken to vocalizing his dislike and while I don't want my son to put anyone down or hurt feelings, I AM impressed with his vocabulary.
In his words "Mah Mah your feet smell BERRY DIS-dusting, and berry unfesh.".

Translation: Mom your feet smell very disgusting and very unfresh.

Disgusting and unfresh. Big words for a three year old-homeschool is working. I taught him those words.

Just sayin.

And the force is strong with this one. He has a great sniffer. And it's funny. Very funny. I hope I always remember these moments, cuz they are the ones that reconfirm Motherhood is my niche. And that I am blessed. So blessed.

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