Monday, February 14, 2011

Realignment CHECK.

The earth has realigned itself and the stars are all in correct orbit.

My husband is home.

A little worse for the wear but not as bad as I thought.  He finished Jet Pilot training stuff out in the wilderness and now he is home.

In time for Valentine's Day and Bonnie's Birthday.  YAY!

We are all so glad he is back, the littles missed him and I know I was feeling like something was missing while he was gone.
(Not to mention the 38942 things that "almost" broke while he was gone--had me stressing about telling my husband we needed a new this or that.  Not counting the printer because we both knew that was on its way to expiring.)

Welcome Home Darling and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Melissa said...

Hope y'all had a nice V-Day, and little Bonnie had a nice B-Day :-)