Thursday, February 17, 2011


My mothering skills are constantly getting a workout. The things I find myself saying on a daily basis continue to amaze me.

Like right now, we were driving to my mom's house and suddenly I hear "Eeeewwww you're gross, don't do that."

After closer inspection I catch myself saying:

"Son, please do not blow your nose in your hand and show your sister...that's inappropriate and ungentlemanly."


And then there will be two boys doing this type of's going to be hilarious.

At least I have to keep telling myself

But seriously his hand?? Mucus??
That's just gross.

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Melissa said...

LoL. Boys are a hoot, that's for sure. I have three. No girls, so I don't really have any comparison, except growing up it was only me and my sister, no boys, so I was pretty unprepared for some of freaky, nasty, weirdness that is the male animal.
Now, though, not too much grosses me out, although some of their smells can still chase me out of a room. I guess you get immune after awhile.