Thursday, February 17, 2011

How different men and women are

I think it kind of goes without saying that my husband is all man.  Jet Pilot, dude, big truck driver, luvs Amuricah, etc..
And for the most part I feel like we are pretty similar in a lot of ways.

But we are not.
Men are wired different than women.

Things that bother me don't even phase him, (he is exponentially better at compartmentalizing things than I am) and things I think are completely random and crazy--the norm to this guy.

For example:
On our Macbook we have both our email accounts set to feed to the Mail app, so we can both read and check emails without having to log into Gmail, Yahoo. etc.  Its convenient and nice, and sometimes accidentally I will start to skim his emails instead of mine purely because I clicked on the wrong folder.

I was almost all the way through one of his work/flight emails when it finally dawned on me this email was not mine.

Most of it was blah blah blah Pilot stuff words I don't know because they pertain to airplanes and Jets and whatever.   But then I spied this last line and I started to laugh.

Because it was in that sentence that I realized how completely OPPOSITE the dynamics of men and women really are.
It read:

"Ask questions BEFORE the brief.

Don't suck and you'll do fine.


(Insert random word Pumpkin, Roller, Faucet, AYCE, etc..--Class Leader Jet Pilot's call sign)"

Don't suck??  Haha!!  No pressure, these guys just have some of the hardest jobs on the PLANET...and don't suck.  

I think the really funny part is that all the other Jet Pilot dudes in my husband's class also got this email and they just took it all in stride.  LOL.  

Its a good thing the Good Lord has wired our brains differently to interact with our same sex like this.  Because what I think is random and crazy, is normal and routine for the husband.

P.S.  And my husband LOVES his job...go figure....I guess as long as he doesn't suck it will be all be okay right??

P.P.S.  I am sure when my husband reads this post he is just going to walk away shaking his head at me.  LOL.  Wiring=different.  That is all.


Cindi S World said...

LOL! True that!

Melissa said...

LoL, don't suck. Could it really be that easy?