Monday, June 14, 2010

CVS Shop for the week of 6/13-6/19

I had a plan for CVS this week and then it changed when I realized $7.00 of my ECB's were expired. So I adjusted my plan, said a prayer and went into the belly of the beast. My girl gave me an awesome idea on how to do the CVS shop but when I went in they did not have the deodorants in stock and the cashier on duty was one of the grouchy ones and I figured I better not press my luck and ask her to check in the back for any more, since I was already going to be begging her to take my expired ECB's. =)

I got:
2 Pampers Wipes--$1.99 each
3 CVS Tissue--$1.29 each
2 Old Spice Body Spray--$4.99
4 Old Spice Body Wash--$4.00
1 Starburst--.89?? I have no idea (Bonnie was with me and she wanted it and she never asks for anything so I indulged her)

Coupons I used:
$5/30 from Recycle Bank
3 $1/1 CVS Allergy Item CRT
2 B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash 6/6 P&G
1 $1/2 Old Spice Body Wash 6/6 P&G
2 B2 Body Wash G1 Body Spray Free 6/6 P&G??
$8.00 in ECB adjusted to $7.72 ($7 of which was expired but she took them anyway!)
Subtotal: 0.00
Tax: $2.43
Total OOP: $2.43

I am trying to trade for some Schick Hydro razors coupons so hopefully I will be able to go back to CVS later this week and get the Schick ECB deal and then submit for the rebate here!! But if not meh, another deal will come around again. All in all I am very happy with my shop and Jet Pilot is very happy with his new manly scented body washes.


Cindi S World said...

Great deal!

Brittany Short said...

you did a great job, who is your girl tho? the link doesnt go anywhere!

Mama said...

It was you!! I fixed the link, I guess I didn't set it up!! LOL Nice blogging....nice...