Friday, June 18, 2010

Q90X, yes I mean Q not P

Ok so this blog post is kind of random but oh well,-anyways as I sit here in my living room willing myself to get up and do something constructive with my evening I just has an epiphany- I am going to make a more concerted effort to write companies to see if I can get any coupons from them. I started doing this a little bit when we lived in Milton, Fl but I slacked off as soon as we moved here to reason I just slacked. But I am going to start up again.

I am starting a company writing coupon campaign.

For the next 30 days I am going to write 3 companies a day.

I am going to call it Q90X.

Q as in Q-pon,
90 as in 90 companies contacted when its all said and done, and
X as in it sounds cool, "X" (practice saying it in a deep serious
(Thanks Tony for the ingenuity of the name..=P).

I will keep ya'll (yes, I just typed Ya'll- I DO live in Mississippi after was kind of inevitable..) updated as far as what type of feedback I get from the companies I have contacted. Here's hoping I get some great responses!! C'mon ladies (and gents I guess??) join me on my Q90X quest!! Write those companies-any companies!! Lets save $$$ together!!!


Cindi S World said...

Awesome girl! Can't wait to see how ya do with it! And, I'll join in also.... loving the name!

Beth said...

You are a q-pon genius, Lacy! Keep up the good work.

T Family said...

What a great idea! You rock! Okay, maybe during the school year I'll take this one, too. Right now, we are never home! I haven't been on the computer much. I miss everyone!!!! I'm looking forward to hearing how Q90X goes.

Love you,