Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wal-Mart Shop and the work I had to do...

So I was able to have an amazing shop today at Wal-Mart, but to my credit- I earned it. I was waiting on management/supervisors/head cashiers to tell me what I already knew. Yes they would take this coupon even though it was more than the face value of the product and yes they would pocket the difference and MAKE money off of ME SAVING money. Ugh soo frustrating. But after waiting 25 minutes and the lady behind me stomping off in anger because
I was taking to long, (whatever some people just don't get saving $) all ended up well. The Wal Mart cashier still would not take the four Muir Glen IP's that I had that were in B&W but oh well, I will go back this weekend and try again. ANYWAYS,

I got:
20 Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste--.92 cents
8 Benadryl Sticks--$2.46
3 Pampers tubs of wipes--$1.97
1 Acai Juice--$6.00 (HOLY COW, that is PRICEY!!!)
3 Simply Go-Gurt--$.2.25
1 Snickers--$1.00 (for me, as a treat!!)

Coupons I used:
20 $1/1 any Muir Glen from here
4 $5/2 Benadryl from the 4/11 RP
1 Free Acai Product from FB
3 Free Simply Go-Gurt Product from here

Subtotal: -$1.61
Tax: $4.07
Total OOP: $2.46

Now if only every time I used coupons at Wal Mart it was not like pulling teeth!!!


Cindi S World said...

Ok, this is the second time I am trying to comment here, lol.

You definitely deserved that Snickers bar girl!

Mama said...

Amen to that.....then I forgot about it and it melted but I ate it anyway!!

Brittany Short said...

super awesome! hopefully i can find some good things at the dreaded wal-mart.