Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holy Organic Tomatoes Batman!!

Just when I was in the pits of despair over our "organically raised from seeds" garden God grants me mercy and blesses our planters with this little beauty!!

I am so glad something grew, I was beginning to think we were total failures at the green thumb thing, (don't get me wrong I don't think we are bucking to be on the cover of Garden magazine by any means) but I have renewed hope and faith that our little garden will make it. We spent some time at a transitional nursery in the area and the man there recommended this all natural plant food once a week. So last week Jet Pilot doused the planters with food and I think we are beginning to see a turn around in the planter boxes.
I will update as our garden shows forward momentum/progress!!

P.S. Since so many (about 1/2) of our pepper and onion transplants did not make it when were at the nursery we bought 3 Banana Peppers plants, 1 Garlic Chives plant, 1 regular Chive plant, and one beauty of a Basil plant. The Basil and Chives plants have already been putting in work for meal time around here- and let me tell you there is something soo cool about saying "Honey this XX dish needs Basil can you grab me some," and then the honey walks outside plucks some fresh Basil leaves from the plants walks back inside rinses them off and into the dish they go!