Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review: Where is God in Your Life

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to become part of an AWESOME program called Pump Up your Book.  You sign up to be a book tour host and they send you the book to review PLUS the author of the book I reviewed is actually going to be making a guest post!!  Neato Frito right??

The Book I chose was "Where is God in Your life" by Sue Provost.  Here is a little bio on the book,

"As Christians, our spiritual journey is constantly brings us back to Jerusalem, to the death and resurrection of Jesus, which gives meaning to all that we do.  Strengthened by God's Spirit we join on the walk to wherever, we share meals, and we tell stories.  We remember.  God, as we go along life's way, will help us to be aware of His presence with us.  He will open our eyes and, makes us expectant, eager to be met by Him.  We will never complete our spiritual journey..."

My review of the book:
This book is chock full of wise and thoughtful insight on the behalf of the author.  Provost points out right away that building a strong relationship with God is a vigilant everyday process.  She outlines the different levels of faith and she provides in her book a layout and process to hosting/directing 3 Christian Spirituality retreats that are meant to enrich your lives .  Now personally I have never participated in a retreat so initially I thought that a large portion of this book was going to be difficult for me to follow, but that was sooo not the case.  I found the retreat both thorough and insightful.  

The three retreats are initially broken down into levels, similar to a beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  The first workshop lays the foundation of the Bible out to understand the basics and shows you the retreat-ee how the Gospels are truly the foundation for His Church.  The second workshop is for those that are a little farther advanced on their spiritual journey and gives insight as to how Jesus has been portrayed over the centuries.  The third workshop is for the more advanced believer that needs some guidance as to where they go from here. 
 Everything about the weekend retreats was broken down into time periods, keynote speakers, points to discuss, important values to take away per day.  It was all well thought out, vividly described and easy to follow.  I feel that this book offers answers and guidance to help believers on all walks of life without being judgmental, to really learn how to know Jesus.

This book while asking some difficult questions it also offers tools to help you really delve into where your personal relationship is with Jesus, i.e. questions at the ends of chapters to really see in black and white what your feelings are.  Provost stresses that loving God and knowing God is not just a check in box, stamp of approval engagement--Loving and knowing God is done by letting go and letting His Spirit fill your heart. 

Overall I thought it was an excellent book and a kind of tough read for me, I tend to gravitate to a more casual dumbed down version of Christian Literature, but thats personal preference.  That being said, there is hands down without a doubt some very valid points and thought provoking questions that did enhance MY thoughts on my relationship with God. 

Review of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the furnishing of the book affect the outcome of my review.  All opinions are 100% mine.  

Stay tuned because Sue Provost will be providing a guest post for this blog in the coming weeks!!

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