Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rite Aid Shop for the week of 8/1-8/7

Okay,  I like Rite Aid but I am just getting my feet wet so I am very cautious in my shops there.  I read on different message boards that there is a huge MM on Crest Pro Health Rinse (find out more info on that deal here) and I decided to chance it and see what my store was working with.  Well I had already gone to CVS at this point and I used 3 of my 5 Crest coupons there but I was banking on RA not being stocked with enough bottles of mouthwash to do the deal-well they were stocked.  
And I did not have enough coupons.
I had only planned on paying $7 and turning it into $13 MM, well since I did not have enough coupons my figures would have been switched $13 OOP and a $7 MM.
Nope not acceptable...I don't think I have ever spent $13 at a drugstore on ANYTHING and I was not about to start today.  
I am going to try to get my hands on 2 more Crest coupons and maybe make it back there before Saturday, but if not, meh there will be another deal, there always is.  
Here is my amended shopping trip, I got:

Transaction #1:
4 Bounty Basic-- $1.29 each
4 Papermate Pens-- $1.99

Coupons I used:

B1G3 Promo on Pens so essentially $1.99 for 4 packs of pens or .50 each
4 $1/1 any Bounty Towel from Home Mailer and YOS Booklets
$3 UP+ Reward
Subtotal: .15
Tax: .50
Total: .65 cents!!!  

And I earned .50 UP+ from buying the pens

Good shop but it could be better!!  I will try again in hopes of scoring the Crest deal!!
Check out the rest of the Rite Aid deals here!!

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