Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homeschool Day 1 Part 1 of many more to come!

Okay so we started...homeschool that is.
This is Bonnie's Curriculum when it came on Friday..it was not that much..just not packaged very eco friendly!!

It was a little bit chaotic and unstructured on the first day.
But I made it!!
And Bonnie LOVED IT!!  She was soo pumped to start "school"!!
She listened with attentive ears and eager eyes for the entire 2.5 hours we were in "session".

Now Clyde on the other hand was not as into it as I would have hoped but its a work in progress.  I figure if I can get an hour of attention out of him broken up between snacks and play time then we will develop and stay on a good schedule.

The real reason for this post though is that I need some help....I want to know if there are any other homeschooling mamas out there and if so how do you do your schedule on a daily basis.
Do you only do certain subjects on certain days...all subjects everyday...is it better to start bright and early 8:00 am in the morning??  Or start a little later, say 11:00 am??
Please please leave any and all tips in the comments section and if any of you have blogs that address these types of questions I would love to get my read on and I am open to all suggestions.  Thanks in advance everyone and HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING!!! (Because I think I am going to enjoy it-ALOT!!)


Taderdoodles (Lisa B) said...

My blog isn't just about our homeschool but it is one of the main topics http://www.chaosappreciation.com

the name should say it all :)

We start whenever we get up and get ready. We have some subjects we do every day and some we only do a couple times a week. P.E. is everyday LOL (it's usually called: "Go outside and leave me alone")

If things get too distracting we take a break. Or I improvise and send them off to play a game online (they don't know it's educational).

Hope this helps! Tweet me anytime! @TaderDoodles

Michele said...

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can tailor it to suit you and your children's needs. If starting at 8 am sharp works best for you, then do so. I would caution against starting too late, because in my experience you will have lost your window for holding their attention if you start too late or too close to lunch time. So first of all relax, take a deep breath, and have fun with it. You know I'm here for you if you have any questions or concerns-- I've only been doing this 100,000 years. Up until maybe 8th to 9th grade, this will be the most fun time for you to homeschool. And remember not to be too hard on Clyde, he is a rambunctious little boy. You may just have to take some one on one time with him when you are through with Bonnie.~Ga Peach