Thursday, August 26, 2010 Dog Collar Review

SafeTPet recently sent me a dog collar for our Chuy pup, and it was not a moment too soon...because the thin baby puppy one he WAS wearing was WAAYY to small.  The collar from SafeTPet is very nice.  Its thick, and durable and has very nice high quality stitching that's personalized with my pup's name and our phone number.  The stitching is nice and thick and the collar on the whole definitely looks like it can take a beating.  Which if you have ever seen my dogs in real life you know they are a HANDFUL.  When you order you get to choose the color, size and stitching color.  I think that so sweet!! I should have ordered a black collar because not 10 minutes after Chuy got the collar on he was running around the yard and rolling in the grass. 
What can I say boys...even in dog form as messy.  But he is so cute, so its okay.

You can buy the SafeTPet Personalized Collar for $15.99 from here

SafeTPet makes a variety of personalized pet products so if your pets are in the market for some new neck/leash candy then you should check out the site!!

Thanks SafeTPet for the great collar, we love I need to go drag the dog out of the bathroom because I hear slurping...never a good sign....**sigh**....

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