Monday, August 16, 2010

CVS Shop for the week of 8/16-8/22

I was in and out in a flash this week...mostly because I went in on Saturday night and I just wanted to test the Sobe deal and make sure they let me use the B1G1 IP on a B1G1 deal...and they did!  PHEW!!  I will probably go back this week and try to get more Sobe and the MM deals.  But if I don't make it back I am not going to sweat it....I am realizing that I can not kill myself over getting "THE MAXIMUM ECB ROLLOVER" each week.  It makes me crazy and takes time away from my family.
In case you can't see thats me getting down off the soapbox...aaanndd I'm off. 

Transaction #1:
8 Right Guard Deodorants-- $4.49 each
6 Sobe LifeWaters-- $1.59 each

(and no I did not clear the shelves on the deodorants...for some random reason this store had about 40 Right Guard deodorants...I was like "oh my..stinky folks in Mississippi!!")

Coupons I used:
4 B1G1 Right Guard Deodorants from 7/25 RP
(I think I could have used $1/1 Right Guard IP from to turn it into a MM but meh...I was with Jet Pilot and did not want to troll CVS for something to get with my overage.  And besides it was FREE, so I opted against being a coupon glutton....this time at
3 Sobe B1G1 IP from here

Subtotal: .00
Tax: .59 cents
Total OOP: .59 cents

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