Sunday, August 22, 2010

Energizer Smart Charger

Have you heard of the Energizer Smart Charger? I have heard of it before because I used to work at an electronics store, and I often thought "we could use that in our house"! I have developed a decent stockpile of batteries via couponing deals but batteries deal seem few and far between for me lately.  Enter the Energizer Smart Charger and Batteries.  This charger may just be the answer to my battery/coupon shop anxiety Not to mention they are better for the environment!

In the house of The Dill-io we have never used rechargeable batteries, mostly because of the stockpile and my lack of knowledge about them. But, this one charger looks snazzy! The charging display is nice and large and easy to read!! I love that! And, it has a bad battery trigger that lets you know if you put a battery in the wrong way, like a 3 year potentially climbing counters and getting into things he should not!  It automatically shuts off on it's own-pretty neat right??

I wrote this post in order to be eligible to receive a smart charger and a $15 Target gift card of my own. For information on how you blogger-istas can do it too just go here!


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