Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bonnie's Hair

I gave Bonnie a hair cut today. She said her hair was too hot and the ends were a little scraggly so I told her to get in the shower and we would trim it after she got out with clean hair.

And true to my word I trimmed it. Trimmed it to much if you ask Jet Pilot, but I cut about 4 inches off.
Her hair seems short now.
Really Short.

It's still out of this world beautiful and wonderfully curly, but its short- like the same length it was when she was 2 years old.


I am definitely one of those parents that does not believe in cutting their daughter's hair. EVER.

I didn't think I was one of the parents.

Sure I am conservative with my Bonnie, its important she carries herself like a little lady and dress with a certain level of modesty. But I considered myself a bit more liberal when it came to her hair.
My own mom was pretty liberal with letting me do what I wanted with my hair--well suffice to say I AM NOT A LIBERAL with the hair and the cutting as it pertains to my daughter.

I don't think we will be cutting it that much for awhile (or EVER).

Just tiny tiny hair trims from here on out.
I am going to pray tonight that her hair grows back fast. **sigh**

Lesson learned.


Cindi S World said...

Is she okay with it though? And yes, it will grow back...

Navy_Frugalista said...

Oh yes she loves it..she would have loved if I went shorter...but her dad and I drew the line at the 4 inches I took off