Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 11 of Q90X and update

Okay- before I go into the companies I am going to contact today I just wanted to put an update out there that General Mills companies DO NOT send out coupons via snail mail!!
Thats crazy...but here is the response I got from them in an email today:

Thank you for contacting General Mills. We would like to honor each of the many coupon requests we receive; however, it is our policy not to do this.

Thank you for contacting our company. We understand our consumers need for coupons and although we do not send them through the mail, we have made those available to you on our websites. Please visit and click on coupons. While you may or may not find a coupon for this particular product, we are sure you will find coupons for other products from General Mills you use on a regular basis, including Big G Cereals, Betty Crocker products, and Yoplait

I guess we are on our own as far as GM is concerned, oh well...there are plenty of other companies out there that are just itching to get a good email!!

Companies to contact today:

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