Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome Home Dear Friends

Back in January when this blog was just starting out I posted about some dear friends of ours (also Navy),  where the husband and daddy of 3 was going on deployment on the USS Eisenhower.  Well these folks are some of our best friends...we don't see them often anymore-we transferred to different duty stations shortly after our husbands graduated from college; but we love them with all our heart.  When my Father-in-Law passed away last year this military mama friend of mine flew across the country all day with 2 tiny babies just to be with us.  They are that kind of awesome people. 

And I know that deployment whether on ship or shore is a part of what goes along with being married to a military man, and as wives, girlfriends, etc., we know that in our heads and we try as HARD as we can to steel our hearts so we are not moping balls of tears and loneliness while our spouses are gone but believe me-its impossible.  We just love them too much.  

So when my friend's husband found out he had to go on deployment right after the first of the year my heart went out to them...Jet Pilot and I have gone through a deployment before and its tough.  Well I talked to her on and off through out these past few months trying to be the encouraging, upbeat friend.  

Sidenote: I am a HIGHLY emotional woman...
I CRY-often, 
so you can imagine how much help I was, but I tried.

WEEELLLLLLL......HE'S HOME NOW!!! Our good friend and awesome dad Mr.Evirs is home again!!!!!!!  His ship came in this last week and his wife, kids and family were all there to meet him!!!  And its a great thing-to be reunited after SUCH A LONG TIME APART!!
Isn't this the sweetest thing you have ever seen?
This is just priceless, love this pic!

And my girlfriend did a great job of holding down the fort and raising the kids while her man was deployed!!  But I know she is glad to share the day to day stuff with him again!  
Did you honestly think I wouldn't post a pic of the Strike Fighters coming home, c'mon do you know who I am married to?? ; )

In closing I would like to dedicate this post to the Evirs family, we love you guys soo much and we are so happy that you 5 are all back together again.  We miss you all like crazy and we wish we could be there to celebrate your homecoming.  We know it was a tough 7 months on deployment but you guys just proved how much more tough you are!!  Its so heartwarming and uplifting knowing that your family is complete again!! CONGRATS Mr. Evirs and WELCOME HOME!!!



Cindi S World said...

AWWWWWW, these are the friends you were crying over the other day while we were chatting! Awesome homecoming!

Frances said...

How wonderful that he is back with his family!

I came over from Marilyn's Money!

J E said...

Thank you so much for everything Lacy. We miss you guys!

Julie said...

Welcome home!!! And great pics Lacy!