Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quickie Winn Dixie Shop

I had 2.5 evening hours 100% to myself this week (husband is flying like a maniac and kids were at VBS in the evening??) so I decided to coupon hunt for random peelies, tearpads etc at a Winn Dixie in the area. I could take my time, go slow, stroll up and down EVERY was nice. But naturally because I have no luck with this type of this I got squat from the random non insert coupons. But I did score with a few clearance finds. Check it out!!

I got:
6 Nexcare Cars Bandages-- .84 cents
1 Kandoo Pampers Shampoo-- $1.12
(Clyde is addicted to dumping out ALL our shampoo when he takes a bath...I am hoping this combats his urge to be wasteful!!)

Coupons I used:
6 $1/1 Nexcare- yay to .16 overage each, not a lot but I will take it!
1 $1/1 any Kandoo from a P&G like 2 months ago I think?

Subtotal: .22 cents
Tax: .44 cents
Total OOP: .66 cents!!

Love shops like that!! And Clyde loves lil cute bandages like this!! Win win for us all!!

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