Monday, July 26, 2010

DVD Review-Read and Share: The Jesus Series, Life and Miracles DVD

I was recently granted the opportunity to review the "Read & Share Bible: Life and Miracles DVD ".  Naturally with 2 littles I jumped on it.  Here is a little background on the DVD; it is "...Animated straight from the pages of the popular Read and Share Bible by Gwen Ellis, the Jesus Series introduces children to the story of Jesus Christ.."  This is the 3rd DVD of the R&S Trilogy.  

Now we personally do not own the Read and Share Bible or any of the DVD's so I had no personal expectations about the DVD.  I loved watching and hearing Bible Stories when I was little and I think its nice that my kids and I can also share in that experience.  The DVD is about 30 minutes long (which I think is perfect for little 3 year wandering minds), so I was able to corral Bonnie AND Clyde to sit with me to watch.  Some of the Bible Story highlights were: 

  • Miracle of fish and loaves
  • How Jesus called and led his disciples
  • Jesus healing the sick

My oldest daughter knew several of the stories told in this DVD so I could tell her attention waned at times but the little one was totally enthralled with the entire DVD.  The animation style was similar to older style cartoons but my kids love classic cartoons so it didn't bother them at all.  But I could see where some kids were be less interested because of the animation style-just something to note.  Overall I thought the stories were good, animation style satisfactory, and good values were impressed upon the young (and old!) viewers.  

Also the story flow was not very continuous, it jumped around a little bit, went from one story to another but it didn't bother the kids or me so I just went along with it.  All in all I think its a worthwhile purchase for a family that wants to share Jesus and his miracles through Television/DVD Format.  I would probably buy the other two DVD's in this trilogy because I think they are a great fit for my family.

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