Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RIte Aid Shop(s) for the week of 7/18-7/24

I am a pretty big creature of habit...I usually only do the same things..shop the same stores...but recently I saw online through different Message Boards (WeUseCoupons, HCW, etc..) about all these great deals that people are getting at Rite Aid thru coupons and the new Wellness + Program. So as curiousity got to this cat I went...
2 days in a ROW.
**I am blushing now**

And I had a moderate degree of success, not as great as I read about online...but close, enough to keep me interested to keep going back. Here are my 2 shops

Shop #1:
1 Motrin PM-$5.99

Coupons I used:
$3/1 any Motrin PM
$3/1 in ad RA coupon
Subtotal: -.01
Tax: .42
Total OOP: .41 cents (there were other things in addition to the Motrin that I could have bought but I just wanted get a small freebie and see how it went)

Earned: $2 in Up+ Rewards

Shop #2:
2 Garnier Nutriste Towelettes- $6.29 each
6 Butterfinger- .50 each

Coupons I used:
2 $5/1 in ad Garnier Nutriste coupon
1 $2/1 VV Garnier Nutriste coupon (I tried to use 2 but the register kicked the second one back)
3 $1/2 Butterfinger Bars (scored those AWESOME coupons in a coupon trade I made here
Subtotal: $2.44
Tax: .32
Total OOP: $2.75

Earned: $3 Up+ from purchasing 2 Garnier (so I guess you could say it was .25 MM but I usually don't count my shops that way)

Final verdict: Yes I think as long as there are some low OOP deals and I earn Up+ rewards on them I will go back and shop Rite Aid again...the system was easy to understand and from what I read a rolling program (not like Wags-ugh I despise Wags) so its definitely going to be worth a trial period of shopping there.

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