Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Mailbox 6/27

Today was an AWESOME mail day!! I got:

*Schick coupons I ordered from eBay
*$3 Check from Pinecone Research (this came fast I just did the survey 2 weeks ago!)
* Free Product Coupon from Suave Professionals (no idea how/when I signed up for this but I am glad I did!)
*Free Product Coupon from Nature's Own Mothers Day Promotion (don't remember that but I love me some FREE)
*Crisco coupons from my Q90X email!!
*Huggies coupons from my Q90X email!
*Sweet Baby Ray's coupons from my Q90X email-they sent free product Q's!! LOVE SBR's!!
*Argo Corn starch coupons from my Q90X email!

I think its safe to say that contacting companies is definitely paying off!! I am very pleased with the results I have had and I am excited to see what the coming weeks bring in my mailbox!!

So what did you get in the mail today??

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