Monday, July 12, 2010

The Mothership called...and I answered...

When we went out of town this past weekend for Clyde's 3rd birthday we happened to be in an area where my hands down favorite grocery store ON THE PLANET was.


Yes I know its wrong to LOVE a grocery store but really, ask any extreme coupon-ing Publix shopper about the deals found at this store and really they are second to none.

So I was TOTALLY pumped to try to make a trip to Publix and see what kind of deals I could scoop up. Well true to my luck I went on the week were the deals were just meh, and most of the coupons I needed I didn't have but I made it work anyway. Thinking on my feet cuz I am just that kind of girl.

I got:

1 Suave Professionals Shampoo--$1.39
6 Sobe drinks--$1.25 each
6 Glass Plus BOGO--2/$2.49
3 Ziploc Sandwich bags--$1.99 each
1 Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce--.89
1 bar of Fels- Naptha--.99
2 Blocks of Chavrie Goat Cheese--$5.89 each
3 Kraft Mac N Cheese--$1.17 each
4 Loaves of Nature's Own Bread BOGO 2/$2.79
10 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo BOGO --$1.99

The Publix I shopped at accepted pretty much any store coupons as competitors and they doubled coupons up to .50 cents -- AWESOME!!

Coupons I used:
$5/25 from Rite Aid
Suave Professionals Free Product Coupon (from Facebook maybe?)
3 .50/1 any Sobe-doubled to $1 (from Q90X email)
3 BOGO Sobe IP from here
1 $3/1 Henkitt Product-the makers of Glass Plus (from Q90X email)
4 $1/1 Glass Plus IP from here
3 $1/1 any Ziploc from
3 .40/1 Ziploc (doubled to .80)
1 $1/1 Muir Glen from
2 Free Product Coupons from Chavrie Cheese-up to $5.50-so .39 each for me..not too shabby
3 Free Product Coupons from Kraft Mac N Cheese ( I think from FB)
4 .75/1 Nature's Own from
10 $1/1 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo from the Yellow Publix Flyer
this could have been a $10 MM, but true to my inserts I did not get the $1/1 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo coupons and I did not think to trade for them beforehand-but they were free anyways so I guess I can't complain...

Subtotal: $2.14
Tax: $3.34
Total OOP: $5.48

Total saved:$84.76 (like I could even imagine paying that much money for not that much in groceries!!)

I totally realized that I could have used another Glass Plus IP and gotten $1 overage towards my OOP making it $4.48! I wasn't thinking I guess because I figured with the $3/1 coupon from my Q90X email I was getting them both free and I did not need to use another one. Oh win some you lose some!

Still very happy with my trip and I got the Publix shop itch out of my system for awhile (or not, I just love that store!)

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Cindi S World said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You did terrific!