Friday, July 30, 2010

Hydration Station Review

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We are a family that drinks A LOT of water.  
A LOT.  
As in I don't believe in buying juice for my kids, me and the hubs do not drink soda and our kids have never tried even tried the stuff.  So about 4 years ago we decided to make healthier options and water consumption was a big one for us.  And naturally like the newbs we were we figured the best option was to buy bottled water.  Because that's environmentally friendly right?  I know...embarrassing to admit.  So after a few years and a ton of research I found out that bottled water is not that great and that there are not many sanctions on bottled water.  Not to mention the environmental impact of all the empty plastic bottles just rotting in a landfill.


 Enter the Hydration Station.  The Hydration Station is a touch-free, filtered water dispenser for reusable bottles and containers. The unit is perfect for office buildings, schools, gyms... anywhere people stay hydrated! Perfectly designed for green projects, Hydration Station eliminates the need for wasteful bottled water and awkward five-gallon office water jugs.  The HydrationStation™ refilling base polishes water and dispenses it into a bottle, glass, or other container. More than just a dispenser, the HydrationStation™ processes tap water into great tasting pure water using state-of-the-art filtration technologies. 

Beyond a simple drinking fountain, the Hydration Station pioneers the way people stay hydrated. Plus it reduces waste from single-use plastic water bottles.  This unit could revolutionize drinking fountains in schools and airports (it is not intended for in home personal use) pretty much any place of business.  

Here's how it works: "The Hydration Station is very simple to use. Simply place a bottle or glass under the nozzle. The sensor-operated Hydration Station does the rest, automatically activating a smooth, pure stream of polished water, which is dispensed at roughly twice the rate of a standard drinking fountain, making short work of most containers. When the container is full, move it down and away and Hydration Station turns itself off for a drip free, spill free experience."

Sounds nifty right??  I think it would be awesome to see these in schools, gyms, doctor's offices.  

For more information on all that Hydration Station has to offer check out their site--
Hydration Station

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