Sunday, July 4, 2010

Phase 1 Training Complete

I just wanted to make an official post and say that my wonderful Jet Pilot has finished Phase 1 of Advanced Flight Training.

What does that mean you ask??
Well it means that he is about halfway through Advanced Flight Training and that he will for sure become a Strike Fighter Jet Pilot.

Up until this point it could have gone either way, he could have gone Strike (think Top Gun) or he could have gone done the E-2 which is an American all-weather, aircraft carrier-capable tactical Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft OR the C-2 which is a twin-engine cargo aircraft designed to land on aircraft carriers and provide critical logistics support to aircraft carriers. Now these are both highly respected platforms to fly for our wonderful US NAVY but Jet Pilot's heart has always been to fly just that-Strike Fighter Jets!!
And while it is a little scary for me to think about sometimes I think that there is no job more suited for a smart, charming, patriotic and motivated man such as my Jet Pilot.

He is set to get his Naval Aviator Wings (aka Graduate) in December sometime and shortly after that we will move somewhere new. We are kinda hoping for California/West Coast FRS (Fleet Readiness Squadron) but we will be happy with going to Virginia/East Coast FRS (Yeah, it will be the 5th move in 5, as long as we are together. That's what matters.

He thinks I am silly for bragging about this but I am soo proud of him and all the work he has done to accomplish HIS dream.
I remember 6 years ago when were talking about the idea of him putting in an application package to finish college and pick up a Naval Officer's Commission and then work on becoming a Strike Fighter Pilot. It seems so long ago when we first talked about it. But everyday we get closer and closer to that dream becoming less and less a dream and more and more a REALITY!

Honey, I am so excited you are Phase 1 Training Complete, even though I am not 100% sure what all that means!! I LOVE U AND I AM SOO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!!


shelbysgrandma said...

What an awesome accomplishment -Way to go -


Erica said...

Congrats to your family (hubby)! You should be proud and brag all you want! I'm rooting for Cali too :)